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WoundEx® Membrane Lower Extremity Wound Study Highlights


WoundEx® Closure Rate


WoundEx® Membrane - The Original Viable Amniotic Membrane


WoundEx® Membrane is a FastActing® dehydrated amniotic membrane skin substitute, available in thin amnion-only WoundEx®45 and thick chorion-based WoundEx®200.


WoundEx® Membrane Product Benefits


Provides a native human placental BioActive® ECM

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Various sizes minimize graft waste & cost


Omnidirectional (apply in any direction)


Adheres to wound bed without fixation


FastActing® Technology improves biologic response


Layers of the Placental Membranes


Ordering Information

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HCPCS code: Q4163




WoundEx® Flow - The Original Flowable Tissue Matrix™

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WoundEx® Flow is a flowable human placental connective tissue matrix skin substitute. It is provided as a concentrated fluid in the vial, and can be extended with saline or anesthetic to provide greater coverage throughout the entire wound.


WoundEx Flow® Product Benefits


Provides a native human placental BioActive® ECM


Fluid provides ideal coverage throughout the wound


Stays in the tissue to avoid patient compliance issues


ExCellerate® Technology for optimal biologic response


Room temperature storage


Ordering Information

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HCPCS code: Q4162

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