BioECM® products cover or supplement and replace degenerated or damaged tissues in surgical repairs and non-operative therapy. They have the ability to:


Protect the site from external exposures


Provide a physical scaffold for tissue growth


Provide native growth factors and structural proteins

These features support and augment the body’s natural ability to modulate inflammation and reduce scar tissue for correct tissue formation.

Active BioECM® Biologics for Surgical Use

Active BioECM® Biologics for Non-Operative & Specialty Care

Specifically formulated for in-office treatment of sports med and interventional conditions.

Improved membrane and flowable grafts for wound care applications.

Improved membrane discs and grafts for ophthalmic surgery.

Structural Supporting Biologics for Spine & Orthopaedics

Spine structural allografts from Osprey.

Tendons & sports med allografts.

Bone filler allografts including DBM, chips, sponges, dermis.