Skye Biologics BioECM® technology utilizes the richest natural intact biologic source known to exist. With our novel HydraTek® technology, we can maximize the biologic content and potential through our unique extraction and preservation system, to support even greater medical treatment.


HydraTek® products provide distinct biologic and safety advantages over traditional human allograft or xenograft tissue sources. Placental tissues provide the most abundant and viable source of an extracellular matrix (ECM); this ECM contains all of the natural biologic components which develop, maintain and repair the body’s various tissues.


Placental tissues have been shown in the literature to be naturally anti-inflammatory, anti-fibrotic, anti-microbial, and immune privileged, to modulate inflammation, promote tissue remodeling and reduce scar tissue formation in clinical applications. 


Not all Placental Products are Created Equal

Since the early 1900's, amniotic membranes have been used clinically as wound coverings to treat chronic and acute wounds. Over the last few decades, tissue banks have made some basic membrane products commercially available, derived from individual amniotic membranes and produced using traditional processing methods.


These preliminary membrane products are developed specifically to treat topical wound applications. However, more significant injuries, degeneration, and surgical conditions require richer biologic solutions and improved product and delivery forms. Advanced biologics demand new processing technology, as traditional processing is limited by older methods and not designed to effectively process and preserve the extremely viable, active placental biologic components. 


The HydraTek® Difference

HydraTek® has made significant advances in tissue processing to develop our leading, next-generation BioECM technology and produce the industry's most advanced and innovative products.


HydraTek® technology advances the processing of these ideal native placental biologics beyond simple ocular and wound covering membranes to create the industry's leading product line designed to meet the significant demands of a broad range of surgical procedures and non-operative conditions.

Our improved science and technology allow Skye to extract a richer biologic source and produce more powerful solutions for enhanced clinical potential.

HydraTek® has been independently validated to preserve this biologic potential in its products and to provide unsurpassed patient safety.


How are HydraTek® Tissues Derived?

HydraTek® obtains its source tissues from healthy mothers who are under the care of a licensed OB/GYN physician at a partner facility. All donations are sourced from U.S.-based donors, and only after live, healthy cesarean birth delivery. No maternal or fetal tissues are collected during the process. Intensive safety testing is used to screen both the donor and donated tissues before processing.


The Utmost in Patient Safety

HydraTek® provides an outstanding standard of safety, through its stringent donor screening, tissue testing, and strict quality control. All testing and safety standards meet or exceed the FDA requirements.

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