What is BurnMatrix®?

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BioActive® ECM for Treatment & Broad Coverage of Burns
BurnMatrix® is specifically designed for the challenges of burn treatment. HydraTek® ExCellerate® technology goes to work quickly by providing broad, even coverage from every angle, directly into the damaged tissues.

Add BurnMatrix® to your Burn Treatment Protocol to:


Support Correct Tissue Remodeling
The biologic components of these tissues, which include a complete viable BioECM® preserved by the HydraTek® process, have been shown to support organized tissue remodeling.


Regulate Inflammation
Proven immunosuppressive, BurnMatrix® processed with HydraTek® actively suppresses the immune response while modulating inflammation.


Create a Safer Environment
BurnMatrix® is proven antimicrobial; shown to reduce bacteria counts in vitro. This added level of safety is essential, and proven with HydraTek® products.


Product Benefits


Concentrated fluid in vial: can be extended 2:1 with saline or anesthetic to provide greater coverage throughout the entire burn site


ExCellerate® Technology for quick biologic incorporation


Room Temperature Storage


Stays in tissue to avoid adhering to dressing & other patient compliance issues


Application Technique



For ideal coverage throughout the site, apply evenly every 0.5 – 1.0cm.


Ordering Information

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