What are PX50® & DX100®?


PX50™ & DX100™ are part of Skye’s BioRenew® PTM Therapy® product line, and are designed specifically for in-office non-operative conditions, sports medicine and interventional applications. PTM Therapy® products are derived from donated human placentas, and provide a complete, high-performance biologic solution to effectively support the body’s natural recovery process.


Provides a native human placental BioActive® ECM


Designed to be ready to use


One time treatment


No tissue draw or spin down time


Where is PTM Therapy® Applied?

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PTM Therapy® is used to potentially assist the bodies of patients who are suffering from various injuries and degenerative conditions, by supplementing or replacing the damaged or inadequate connective tissue at the injury site. Many of these conditions are very painful, result in limited mobility, and may lead to surgery if left untreated. The musculoskeletal system is an ideal place where connective tissue can be used to potentially assist in the body’s natural repair process.


How does PTM Therapy® Work?

PTM Therapy® replaces the body’s damaged or missing connective tissue at the area of injury with a highly-functioning ExtraCellular Matrix derived from the placental source. The ExtraCellular Matrix is the interconnected system of Collagens, Growth Factors, and Bioactive molecules that provides the structural foundation for our body’s tissues and biochemical support to the surrounding cells.


Provides complete range of natural biologic components


Incorporates with patients' tissues at the injury site


Supports & replenishes the damaged area


How Does PTM Therapy® Compare to Other "Amniotic" Products?

Amniotic Fluid Products
Some processors make product simply from the amniotic fluid. This fluid is 98% water, and collects some of the biologic components of the placenta during pregnancy, making it a secondary and diluted source of these biologic components.

Amniotic Membrane Particulates
Other processors grind up amniotic membrane wound coverings, creating a limited biologic powder or ‘injectable’.

PX50™ & DX100™ PTM Therapy™
Only Skye Biologics provides a complete placental biologic solution, with the complete range of beneficial components from the placental source.


What are the Indications of these Amniotic & Placental Treatments?

Amniotic Fluid Products
Intended for use as a viscosupplement

Amnion Membrane Particulates
Indicated for use only as a wound covering

PX50™ & DX100™ PTM Therapy®
Intended for all areas of damaged or inadequate connective tissue

Connective tissue has broad application, as it is the most prolific tissue type in the human body; it creates our skin, tendons, ligaments, cartilage and bone, wraps nerves and lines the other tissue layers.


What are the Storage Options of these Treatments?


Amniotic Fluid Products
Cryoreserved Only


Amnion Membrane Particulates
Cryoreserved Only


PX50™ & DX100™ PTM Therapy®
Cryoreserved & Ambient

Only PTM Therapy® is offered in both Cryopreserved (frozen) and the industry’s first Room Temperature option.


What do Other Types of Treatments Provide?

Only PTM Therapy provides a complete biologic solution, derived from the natural placental source.


Hyaluronic Acid
Provides concentrated hyaluronans, for use as a viscosupplement.


Platelet-Rich Plasma
Provides concentrated growth factors from the patient’s blood. Requires a needle to draw the blood.


Adipose Stem Cells
Provides concentrated growth factors from the patient’s blood. Requires a needle to draw the blood.


Bone Marrow Aspirate
Manually concentrates cells from the patient’s bone marrow. Requires a surgical procedure with sedation to draw the marrow.


Available Sizes

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