Why Choose ActiveMatrix® for my Surgical Needs?

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Complete, Flowable Placental Tissue Matrix

ActiveMatrix® allografts are carefully harvested human tissues and preserved in fluid form. Filled with a high concentration of collagens, growth factors and BioActive® Molecules, ActiveMatrix® is the most complete biologic of its kind.

Complete viable BioECM® preserved by the HydraTek® process provides the biological components the human body needs for its natural ability to:


What is ActiveMatrix®?

ActiveMatrix® is a connective tissue matrix, designed for surgical use to supplement or replace damaged or inadequate connective tissue. It contains extracellular matrix components, growth factors and collagen scaffold, processed from non-aged human connective tissues. It is the first room temperature, flowable placental tissue allograft in market.

Precise Targeting & Ease of Use
ActiveMatrix® easily flows through a 23G needle, and can be applied directly into the surgical site for precise targeting and ease of use.

On Indication for Surgical Use
Intended to supplement or replace damaged or inadequate connective tissue, which makes up the majority of tissues in our body, ActiveMatrix® can be used on-label in most surgical procedures.


What are the HydraTek® Process Benefits?

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ExCellerate® Flowable Technology
Connective Tissue Matrix can be applied directly into the areas of damaged connective tissue, providing improved resorption and incorporation for ideal biologic response.


BioAware® Preservation System
Scientifically controls moisture levels while carefully preserving the natural tissue structure without compromising it through traditional lyophilization (freeze-drying), heat-baking, or chemical cross-linking methods.


HydraTek® products are proven to be immunosuppressive, modulating the inflammatory response which can lead to rejection and failure.


What is the Biologic Potential?


ActiveMatrix® Product Benefits


ActiveMatrix® is provided in a vial as a ready to use flowable graft, with no thawing or prep required.


ActiveMatrix® is stored at ambient temperature (50-86°F/10-30°C) until ready for use. Product has a 5 year shelf life.


ActiveMatrix® is provided in an easy to apply flowable form, for precisely delivery throughout the intended site.


ActiveMatrix® has been shown to suppresses immune response & modulate inflammation.


ActiveMatrix® is provided in a sterile vial in a clear peel-pouch, and may be introduced to the sterile field.


Ordering Information

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